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Oncor comprises of a multi award winning team of dedicated industry specialists. Whether you want cutting edge visual effects, results generating digital marketing or breathtaking film making, we have the skills you need.

David Sime


David has been working in online audio visual marketing for over 17 years, he lectures on the subject for Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has led Digital Marketing, Video, Augmented and Virtual Reality projects across five countries and twenty-five distinct industries.

Martin MacDonald

Social Media Specialist

Martin writes professionally for global digital publications such as Perform Media and Goal.com. With a further professional background in global finance, Martin’s strong technical and analytical skills are brought to bear on the digital market research and sophisticated digital tools used by Oncor Video every day.

Stephen Wright

Visual Effects Manager

Stephen Wright is Oncor’s VFX Manager in charge of visual effects and computer generated assets and animation.

Stephen is not only highly qualified in Advanced 3D Modelling, Animation, Lighting and Rendering, he has impressive professional experience in the creative broadcast media, having worked on international TV releases as Outlander and several major motion pictures.

Perfecting and even custom creating new forms and applications for virtual reality, 3D modelling and animation that have never been seen before, Stephen will take the wishlist of your wildest imaginings for your project, and exceed them every time.

Nic Gordon

Film Production Manager

Nic is Oncor’s head of film production and editing.

With an impressive pedigree in both online and live production, Nic combines cutting edge knowledge of web and social media viewing patterns with extensive experience in stage production, lighting and even live music performance.

This highly unusual combination of new and traditional skill-sets means Nic consistently creates audio-visual content which is far more than the sum of it’s parts.

Coupled with Nic’s highly organised and detailed oriented approach, you can be sure that you will receive exactly the film content you need, crafted to perfection.

Nazia Hossain

Paid Advertising Specialist

Nazia is Oncor’s specialist in online paid advertising.

With nearly a decade in the industry and a highly impressive pedigree including employers such as Google, Nazia has quickly established herself as a leader in the field.

An experienced digital marketing consultant, Nazia has created and implemented effective online promotional strategies for a variety of industries including Fin-Tech, Recruitment and Third Sector.

Based on her extensive experience in competitor analysis, search engine, social media and content marketing and with a background in computer science, Nazia takes an analytical and data-driven approach to creating strategies that bring you the very best return on your investment. 

Cheryl Brind

Social Media Specialist

Cheryl is a highly trained and experienced creative social media manager.

Qualified in digital design, marketing, advertising and public relations, Cheryl has applied these skills practically to political PR, Online content Creation and Social Media Management for a wide range of professional clients and industries.These include the Glasgow Film Theatre, The National Trust for Scotland and the Nil by Mouth initiative.

Cheryl applies visual and textual creativity to every campaign, coupled with a strong understanding of the unique online audiences of each client.

Her strong communication skills and regular updates make her an extremely popular account manager with Oncor’s clientele.

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