Campaign Analysis

Tracking your Videos’ Success

Oncor don’t believe in Fire and Forget marketing.

We constantly monitor your videos’ online progress, taking note of every view, every share, every visit to your website and, most importantly, every new client generated by your video campaign.

Knowledge is Power

We can observe your campaigns’ strengths and weaknesses including devices, social media channels and versions of your online video, tracking user journeys right from initial view through to your contact page or e-commerce checkout page.

In this way, we can focus and capitalise on the strengths of your campaign.

Capitalising on your Strengths

In this way, Oncor offer complete transparency on the success of your video and campaign, always focusing on bottom line results rather than just likes and shares.

By acting on and adapting to this constant stream of information, your campaign is constantly refined, improved and streamlined to create the maximum return on your investment.

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