Content Delivery

Turning Passive Marketing Active

No matter how impressive, attractive or compelling your video, it’s of no use if no one gets to see it.
The vast majority of online corporate videos languish on companies’ websites, waiting for someone to come along and watch them.
However, we at Oncor see Video as too good an active marketing opportunity to waste…

Reaching Your Customers

We use video to reach out to potential consumers online with custom targeted content that will capture their attention & drive them to your website, your offerings and your business.

From your core film, we tailore a range of videos to each of the many playback devices available; from desktop computers & laptops to tablets & smartphones.

Laser Targeting Anywhere

Oncor exploits the unique targeting opportunities of today’s online and social media channels.

This means that we can focus your video content delivery to specific user types, ages and interests, as well as locations right down to postcode level.

We can even target people who have expressed an interest in your products and services with timely videos demonstrating why you are the best company to provide them.

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