How to Apply for Google NonProfit Adwords Funding in the UK

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How to apply for Google NonProfits

Google NonProfits means UK Charities can Apply for up to £8,000 of AdWords per month, but the process can be a little convoluted. This step by step guide is intended help navigate you through the application process with ease.

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Step 1: Google for Non-Profits – Join the programme

Step 2: Membership Application

Step 3: Validate your NGO (non-governmental organisation)

Step 4: Sign up with TT exchange

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Offering the equivalent of $10,000 per month to charities in over 50 countries this low profile but extremely valuable scheme could help countless charities and social enterprises all over the world.

However applying for the scheme involves signing up to the third party organisation Tech Soup – which verifies your charity’s legitimacy – before Google considers it to be eligible for support.This also includes access to a range of YouTube Features not available to any other organisations, and free access to their full Google Apps suite of tools and applications.

Signing up with Tech Soup means your charity or non-profit organisation will also be eligible for free software, digital training and virus protection from other tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe.

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How do I apply for Google NonProfits?

As the process is a little tricky, Oncor Video have created a step by step guide to applying for this incredible online promotional fund. So without further ado, lets get started!

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1/ Click on this link

You should see the screen below – now click on the Apply to Google for Non Profits button.

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How to Apply for Google NonProfits

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2/ You will be taken to the screen below asking you for your Tech Soup Validation Token.

Tech Soup is a worldwide organisation connecting eligible charities with technical support schemes from internet giants such as Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft and Google. It acts as a single port of call for establishing the eligibility of your charity or NonProfit for all of these organisations’ support schemes.

If you do not already have a Tech Soup Validation Token, click on the “Get a Validation Token” link


Tech Soup Validation Token

Tech Soup Validation Token

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3/ You will be taken to the following page – as you can see, in the UK TechSoup is called Technology Trust.

If you are not already a member, click New to TT Exchange and register your charity.

If you are already a member and need a reminder of your token number, click Already a Member and log in.

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Sign up to Technology Trust4/ Now click “Register your NGO to get validated”

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Register to get your NGO validated with Technology Trust

5/ You will then be taken to the following screen where you will be asked to enter your details and that of your organisation.

Note: If your organisation has a dedicated email address you can access, use this as your contact email.

Note: Remember to keep a note of the password details you enter here.


Signing up with TT Exchange

6/ Once you have entered all your required information, an email will be sent to the inbox of your supplied email address for verification – this should appear as shown below.

Click on the link in your email like the one highlighted in order to continue.


TT Exchange Validation Email


7/ This link will take you back to your new personal profile on the TT-Exchange website where you will now be asked to register your organisation.

Click on the link shown to register your charity or other non-profit organisation.


Register TT Exchange Organisation

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8/ First you will be given a series of options to establish your organisation location within UK and Ireland (and therefore which charity/non-profit body it is governed by).

Click on the appropriate option for your organisation then click “Continue”

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Registering with the Charity Commission


9/ You will now be asked to clarify your charity or NonProfit’s general Activity Type (this describes the broad area your organisation work within, for example “Health” or “Rehabilitation”).

You will also be asked for your organisation’s Activity Code (this is the more specific main activities it carries out within its activity type; such as “Awareness Generation” or “Fundraising”).

Note: There are a large number of options for both of these sections, take the time to go through them all and select the most appropriate ones for your organisation.

Note: If more than one option seems appropriate to what your organisation does, select the one which most closely reflects its primary activity.


Charity Activity Type and Activity Code


10/ Next you will be asked to provide your organisation’s annual income.

Just enter this as a number, do not add “£” or any commas or other punctuation.

This figure needs to be verified through the organisation your organisation was originally registered as a charity or non-profit – in England this might be “The Charities Commission”, in Scotland “OSCR”. If your organisation has not been registered with these organisations, you will need to provide a copy of your annual accounts at the end of the form.

If your organisation is within its first year and therefore does not have a record of its first year’s income yet, you should provide an estimate of what you expect that figure to be.

Charity Annual Income


11/ Now you will be asked to enter your charity’s registration number with the regulating body it is registered with.

Note: if your organisation is registered with OSCR – the main charity association in Scotland – remember to include the “SC” letters which prefixes its registration number.

Note: If your organisation is a public library, simply enter the 5 digit identifier code which you can find here:

Note: If your organisation is not registered with any association or is registered in Northern Ireland simply enter the reference number for the HMRC letter confirming its charitable exempt status. You will need to attach a copy of this letter to the end of the form.


Registered Charity Number

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12/ You will now be asked for some additional information about your organisation.

It is recommended to tick the box for more information and updates from the Technology Trust, as this will notify you of new opportunities for free tools and assistance for your organisation.

Once you have sprecified how you heard about Technology Trust, enter the mission statement of your charity describing its activities and what it intends to achieve through them.

Note: if you are a member of a charity association like those mentioned above, it is recommended to use the same mission statement you provided them with upon registration. You should be able to find this on their website along with your charity’s other details.

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Entering additional charity information

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13/ Now click on the radial button verifying that your organisation is non-exclusionary and non-discriminatory as shown below.

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Eligibility Guidelines

14/ This next section is your opportunity to upload your HMRC Tax Exempt status letter if your charity is not registered with a charities association as mentioned above, or is registered in Northern Ireland.

Note: If you have provided a registration number for one of these associations, you do not need to upload an HMRC letter.

Up;oading HMRC letter

15/ If your organisation has not disclosed its email address, either on its own website or through one of the charity associations mentioned above, you can upload a letter on your organisation’s headed notepaper verifying the official email address here.

Note: if this is displayed on your website or registered association, you do not need to upload anything here.

Email Address Confirmation Upload Link

16/ This section allows you to upload your organisation’s annual accounts if these are not visible on your organisation has not disclosed its accounts on its website or through one of the charity associations mentioned above.

Note: if your annual accounts are displayed on your website or that of your registered association, you do not need to upload anything here.

Note: if you have only recently set up your organisation and do not yet have any annual accounts prepared, you can upload an estimate/projection of your first years income as long as you place this in your organisation’s headed notepaper. This must be signed and certified by your organisation’s treasurer or another official trustee.

Annual Charity Accounts

17/ Finally, if your organisation does not have a website or if the website does not reflect its primary mission, you are asked to provide a document explaining what your organisation does. An annual review statement is preferable for this purpose.

Note: If your website explains the organisation’s purpose or activities, you do not need to upload anything here.

Adding Annual Review to TT Application Form

Once you have successfully entered all this information, you will be shown the following message.

Within roughly 24 hours you should receive a validation email from TT Exchange

Note: if you do not receive this with this period, contact them at

Three days after you have confirmed this email, you will be sent a further message verifying whether you have been successfully enrolled in the Technology Trust initiative and, if so, how to begin ordering your organisation’s free software and support including your Google NonProfit AdWords support!

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David Sime lectures in Digital Promotion for Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing whilst directing Online Corporate Video Production Ltd.

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