If Social Media were Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones House banners for Social Media

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Who’s who in the Social Media Game of Thrones?

Facebook as the Lannisters? How about Google+ as the Starks?

Hoot-suite is a Canada-based social media management organisation which has been one of the industry leaders in social media software over the past few years.

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Below is a video created back in 2014 as a way to correlate with the recent season premier of Game of Thrones, using the undeniable draw of pop culture references to help turn around Hoot-suite’s flagging brand awareness

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The video is impeccably made, with the animation and accompanying music really giving it that Westeros feel.

Naturally, at Oncor we appreciate any expert video marketing, but it did actually get us thinking…

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Tyrion Lannister Facebook

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What if Game of Thrones involved battling social media organisations?!

Of course, this is all a bit of fun for some weekend reading, but hear us out.

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Facebook, surely, must be considered to be the Lannisters. By far the most powerful family in all of the kingdoms, Cersei and co. have ruthlessly took out their competition whether it be through force or indeed through amalgamation.

House Lannister Social Media

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Now, Oncor is certainly not suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg is in any way capable of a ‘Red Wedding’ type scenario in order to get the upper-hand on his opposition in the social media world, but he has flexed his muscles in a business sense.

The 1 billion dollar acquisition of Instagram four years ago was seen as a major power play, but this has proved to be more of a merger than a takeover, with the organisation still existing under its previous logo and umbrella. We could make a case therefore that Instagram could be House Tyrell, as they have combined with their previous enemy for mutual financial benefit. Perhaps the partnership may not end on such a, shall we say, sour note, though.

House Tyreall Instagram Social Media


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This next one, we fear, is taking this otherwise lighthearted blog post into some dark territory, but we had to do it…

Snapchat is House Greyjoy. Can you imagine Theon/Reek Snapchatting his entire playdate story with Ramsay Bolton to a plethora of followers over months and months?!

That would only be if he had the (ahem) balls to do it, of course…

House Greyjoy Banner Social Media

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Twitter, with its scores of maniacs ready to pounce on a single comment with online barbs and verbal volleys, would be the Wildlings.

This particular group (not family) on Game of Thrones has the ability to join together for the greater good, like say a charitable trending hashtag?

However, the masses have been known to turn ugly if they don’t like what they see…

Social Media Game of Thrones Wildlings Twitter

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Who’s Next?

Let us know what you think? Can you recommend any other social media channels as Game of Thrones Houses? Who would be the Dothraki? What house best represents Pinterest? We’d love to know what you think!

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