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By Social Media Account Manager, Martin Macdonald

When I joined Oncor around a year ago, one of my main desires was to combine my new career with my existing one, which at that time was as a football match coverage contributor for worldwide online publication, Goal.com.

Our Director, David Sime, has actively sought to make this come to fruition for me and when a potential partnership became possible with Legends of Football, we both jumped at the chance. The prospect of combining my passions of social media distribution and football left me eager and willing to get started.

Jim McCalliog, the Legends of Football founder, has been gracious and open-minded from the get-go and it has been a pleasure to partner with him in getting this new organisation on the map to people who will no doubt be interested in such an engaging project.

Personally, I was in charge of the social media distribution for Legends of Football on Facebook and Twitter, and this involved staying in regular contact with Jim and his lovely wife, Debbie, to make the sure content was spot on. You will see a plethora of posts on each of these channels, and each of them, in turn, was carefully and meticulously planned in order to reach our target audience, you.


Ready to go - Royal Concert Hall


On the 3rd November, 2016, Legends of Football, Oncor, and Glasgow Royal Concert Halls hosted the very first event for Jim’s organisation which featured Scottish football heroes, Graeme Souness and Joe Jordan in a speaker event situation. Clyde 1’s Gerry McCulloch was recruited as our compere, and certainly did a fantastic job to bring out the humour as well as the sentiment from our two famous speakers.

Joe came out impeccably dressed in a smart suit to huge applause and started to regale the audience with tales of his football past. Ever the modest man, the former Leeds United and Milan centre-forward was quick to point out the team-mates that made his success possible, with a few hilarious quips about Gordon McQueen, Billy Bremner, and Johnny Giles thrown in for good measure. Wonder if that phone call at the swimming pool did Joe out of a dream move to Bayern Munich after

Graeme was up next and the atmosphere suddenly became more relaxed. Despite his gritty and honest assessment of everything football-based on television, the former Liverpool and Rangers boss seemed to have having a wonderful time on stage. Mr Souness was clearly proud to be one of the inaugural speakers for Legends of Football, and even encouraged members of the public to stay on after the show to ask him any questions!


three seats


Myself, David, and our colleague Alan Fair all had a superb evening despite having interests in the event at opposite ends of the spectrum. David and Alan were looking at the event from a business standpoint, even though we think we may have adopted the former as an honorary football fan now!


With regards to myself, I was simply glad to be hearing stories of football as I can spend days on end reading about and watching highlights of the sport I love, and indeed write about. To be there in a professional capacity too, well, it made the evening all the sweeter.


Martin Macdonald is a Social Media Account Manager for Online Corporate Video Production Ltd, a Match Coverage Contributor for Goal.com, and an ad hoc contributor for Perform Group


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