Interior Decoration in Virtual Reality – VR “Pre-Decoration”

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Commercial and Domestic Furnishing, office and interior design has for a long time been a hit and miss affair, where the owners guessed at the appropriate furniture and did the best they could with what they had bought once in the space…

The alternative was to hire frequently expensive interior design experts to work out the space in advance, but even this was not without its problems, not least when that designer’s vision or knowledge base didn’t meet the requirements of the space, or the industry in question.

But now, with the advent of fast, affordable virtual reality, the actual users of the space can virtually “pre-decorate” it to their exact requirements.

Downloading and selecting from a vast array of real furnishings, fixtures and fittings, individuals or even groups of users can collaboratively furnish the space to their exact requirements, sending the resultant 3D layout to the manufacturers and shop-fitters to deliver and install to their exact specifications.

The applications of this spread far wider than just office spaces  – retail units can be set up, pre-released to and even browsed by customers.

Hotels undergoing re-fits can have their guest explore their newly designed space while that space is still under construction.

Users can even be encouraged to help design the space themselves, creating a real sense of buy-in and ownership

How is this Achieved?

By scanning the space in question, as we did here, and creating or importing models of any furniture, fixtures and fittings, we can create a photo-realistic environment where you, the user can select different items, placing them wherever you see fit in the room.

Your finished layout ideas can be saved, adapted, and shared with other users, staff members or even customers, allowing them to explore the space you have created.

We can scan external and internal environments, import models of furniture from other 3D catalogues, scan your existing furniture or even create new pieces from scratch.

Flooring, walls and even whole building sections can be replaced, re-coloured, added or removed to your exact specifications.

Virtual Interior Design

virtual reality interior

See more examples

To learn more about this new way of creating the perfect commercial environment, contact us and we will send you further examples and answer any questions you might have.

Trust us, no matter what you might want in your virtual space, the chances are, we can deliver!

Contact us now and see what can be done with virtual pre-decoration 



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virtual model of a historic building with original ruin