A Chat With Football Legend Willie Henderson

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Legends Of Football Press Conference



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I had a fascinating morning last week attending a press conference for one of our clients, Legends of Football. Legends of Football are a series of live speaking events being held in Glasgow. Graeme Souness and Joe Jordan will be headlining the first event which has already gained interest from the media.


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I have found myself having the most fascinating chats with everyone involved so far. Last week I had the pleasure to meet Willie Henderson, who will be at the Legends of Football event on the 7th of January. I thought who is this small smiling gentleman and as it transpired he was one of the most famous footballers of yesteryear. I didn’t think I would have much in common with him at the time but we started talking and he asked what I had been up to that morning.

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David with Legend of Football Wille Henderson

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I told him that I had just met with an ambassador from the Indonesian embassy who was looking to promote in the UK and how I was really excited by this because it was a great opportunity for Oncor. Willie responded by telling me about how he was recently in Indonesia and involved with the consulate himself. We then got talking about Chinese history which as it transpired he knew all about. He continued to tell me about how he had encouraged his daughter to learn Mandarin because he believed it to be the language of the future and about his recent trek hundreds of miles for charity. It turned out he was involved in all sorts of international politics, events and so forth and basically between my friend Alan and I who feel we have a lot of knowledge in these areas, he dwarfed our knowledge.

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I am rapidly discovering that these footballers and ex footballers are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. They just seem to have so much more going on in their lives than sport but especially those I have met above sixty whose brains seem to be so incredibly active. This may be because of the sports and physical activity which they seem to keep doing throughout their lives, and we know that’s good for your cognitive abilities. Or is it just that they keep themselves so busy and engaged with people they meet during their football careers. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. If you ever get a chance to speak to Willie Henderson or read anything that he has written then do it because I swear it was the most interesting conversation I have had with any celebrity in my life.

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David Sime lectures in Digital Marketing for Google, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is Technical Director of Online Corporate Video Production Ltd.

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