How can you ensure you have a social media presence which actually delivers value to your organisation?

Social Media Instagram Set Up Page on LaptopFinding the time and expertise within your company to deliver social media campaigns which integrate with your broader marketing, follow each channel’s continually changing best practices and deliver quantifiable bottom line results is a tall order.

The cost in man hours alone can be prohibitive and simply understanding which social media channel is right for your business and your market is a specialist skill in itself.

With our highly qualified social media experts, we can analyse your online and offline presence, cherry picking the most popular social media channels used by your clients, and identifying exactly how they would wish to be communicated with.

We can also analyse your own and your competitors’ past successes and failures to identify best practice within your industry, market and targeted region.

Best of all, we can use the formidable targeting tools available on each social channel to create sponsored posts and adverts which laser target your best converting potential clients in terms of age, role, interests and specific location.

With Oncor, you benefit from the skills of a whole team of specialist digital marketers, social media content managers and traffic analysts, placing an incredible focus on results driven marketing rather than just online PR.

Your team will craft a targeted social media marketing package that best fits your organisation, saving you money and time on internal resources and, most importantly, working constantly to bring genuine leads to your business.

Contact us to discuss the level of support which would best suit your organisation.

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