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Time is precious for any business, that’s why we believe training should be simple, achieve fast results and be structured to make the process easier to understand. Our training focuses on finding the quickest and most tangible means of generating results for businesses using social media, from building brand awareness to directing users to your products and services.


Twitter training iconTwitter is considered one of the most important social media channels for gaining followers, reaching a large audience and communicating with them in a natural way. Twitter forms a vital first point of contact and can be used to give just enough information to pique interest before directing them to your website or other social media channels for more information.

Our training shows you, step by step, how to set up an engaging and confidence inspiring Twitter profile, how to gain a large following in a matter of weeks, and how to automatically source brand new fascinating Tweets for them everyday, causing your online presence to grow!


Facebook training iconFacebook is the heavyweight champion of the social media world, with the UK being one of the largest users of this media giant.  People of all ages spend 12 hours on average every week checking their newsfeed and sharing posts. So if you’re looking to engage your users, Facebook is the top place to be.

Our training will take you through the process of setting up a compelling “likeable” page, and explain how to create engaging content, generate likes, shares and increasing brand awareness. Above all we can help you to gain high quality visits to your website that will generate bottom line benefits to your business in terms of leads, customers and purchases.


linkedin training iconLinkedIn is considered to be one of the most effective lead generating tools for professionals online – but how does it work? Our training will help you to better understand how to establish yourself as an expert in your field, build business connections and ensure you get recommended when opportunities arise.


If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the value of just a few seconds of video. YouTube is the largest video sharing site as well as being one of the largest search engines on the web.

Our straightforward training will take you through how to create a compelling, professional YouTube channel. We can also show you the videos to share and how to use them to create leads and even increase the search engine ranking on your website.


google plus training iconGoogle+ offers a unique opportunity to engage with a more serious, technically minded user base. Better still, being owned by the search engine giant Google, it gives you the advantage of being able to boost your website’s search rankings.

Our simple step by step training will show you how to engage with users of Google+ and how to convert them to leads and advocates for your company as well as how to capitalise on the unique search engine benefits.


Pinterest is one of the top online sites for  promoting products, selling to consumers and generating awareness for luxury brands.

Our training will not only show you how to gain a following of the right users for your brand but how to engage and get them promoting your brand. We will also take you through how to convert this awareness into visits to your website and increase sales.

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