Video Production

The future of Video Marketing

We provide decades of filming and video experience along with cutting edge expertise in online marketing and consumer psychology.

All of this is combined to craft videos which capture, captivate and, most importantly, convert your viewers, like the example shown here.

In this way, our videos are not only a beautiful reflection of your brand identity, they also become highly effective marketing and information tools for your business.


One Film Does NOT Fit All…

Think of relaxing at home with a YouTube video on your laptop. Now picture the same video being viewed on Twitter, on a mobile phone, on your morning train commute…

Rather than assuming one film will work equally well in any different situation, Oncor custom tailor every video we make to suit all online and offline channels – and every playback device – that it might be viewed upon.

This can include anything from digital billboards to desktop computers, from laptops and tablets to those all important smartphones.

We then laser-target your video content to the specific user types that make up your target market.

This means your footage becomes a re-usable asset, always perfectly adapted to every user and to every situation in which it is viewed. All this means minimum cost and maximum return on your investment.

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